Organized Organics Inc.™

Organized Organics is a federally endorsed, 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization specializing in AquaPonics and the distribution of organic produce to homeless and low-income families. Additionally, our mission is to help families learn to grow their own food in an economic, independent and healthy manner.

The AquaPonic system is a small garden that is self sustaining with the use of water and live fish. It requires no soil or planting on land. The system creates a nitrated water supply from the fish fertilizer which is cycled through a container growing fruits and/or vegetables. This method of growing is environmentally conscious because it requires less water than a regular garden, takes less space and does not pollute soil with pesticides nor depletes soil nutrients.

While we utilize this method of farming to grow fruits and vegetables for those in need, our goal is to provide the everyday household with a system to grow their own. Along with food drives, Organized Organics designs and manufactures easy-to-use AquaPonic systems which are currently being donated to families, youth and community centers. As we continue to gain funding for this program, these systems will be donated to more households on a larger quantity basis.

There are many benefits to these systems but most importantly, it can provide enough fresh fruits and vegetables for an average sized family to be fed regularly within a few months of growing. If you are interested in receiving one of these systems, there is an application you can fill out below.

We work to educate and support our communities with an emphasis on the importance of healthy eating and ways to sustain a healthy diet while on a budget. Our aim is to empower our community with education and the tools to be independent farmers of their own food supply while contributing to improved alimentation of those in need. We created an idea of an organization that teaches people how to eat healthier at an affordable price while helping them become independent at doing so. Our core principles are: Health and Independence.



Check out the Vanderbilt Family of Alpine, CA and their new, custom-made AquaPonic System, courtesy of Organized Organics! Fill out the application to also become a Community Partner!

Here is another family/organization to receive a custom-made Aquaponic system courtesy of Organized Organics! The Less Homeless Project took on the commitment to begin organic gardening for those in need!

* If you are interested in receiving one of these systems, there is an application you can fill out below.

Organized Organics also facilitates and organizes many different events in communities including: education workshops, food and clothing drives and cultural and arts festivals. Unlike many charities, Organized Organics does not sell the donated items received. This gives our donors the confidence in knowing that 100% of your donations are going directly to the hands of those in need. Monetary donations go directly to the resources needed to maintain the organization's stability and progress. We also work openly with agencies like Guidestar which monitor the accountability of nonprofit organizations.

* If you have ever thought about giving to charity, please consider Organized Organics.

Thank you for your interest in becoming involved with our organization and cause. Organized Organics is currently in the beginning stages of a large-scale growing operation of organic produce for our food drives. There are numerous ways to help! Please contact us using the form below to volunteer or donate. Organized Organics is constantly looking to expand our network of community partners. If a community greenhouse is not yet in production in your area, take initiative to contact us and get the process started!

We are currently in need of volunteers who would like to sign up to distribute food during our give-away dates. This would include helping us harvest, load and distribute food to those in need.

Experienced Holistic Health Practitioners are needed. This includes: Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors and certified Aqua-ponics teachers.

Equipment/Materials are always helpful. Organic seeds, grow media, worm tea, hoses, water and air pumps, flat-bed trucks, moving trucks and gardening equipments is needed.

Sections of land or property that are currently not in use are always needed. This allows us the capability to begin and expand more growing projects.

Single and Official Sponsorships
Are always encouraged and extremely helpful. Have your local business displayed to your community as one that gives back.

Media Outlets
Help spread the word of these programs and be listed as a sponsor on our website and publications. Send us a message if you have an idea or request!

For clothing drives or garden projects are also accepted. Organized Organics does not sell the donated items received. Please check projects section for currently scheduled clothing drives and location drop-offs.

Monetary donations go directly to the resources needed to maintain the organization's stability and progress.

*Being that Organized Organics is a federally accredited 501-C3, non-profit organization, services and donations given, qualify for a Tax Deduction/Credit on your individual or business income tax. Once a service or donation is received, you will receive a Donation Letter signed by one of our directors for the amount of time or value of your contribution.


Instead of providing processed foods, Organized Organics aims to provide organic meals to those in need. Food drives are held at the rate of food production. Based on the locations of our community greenhouses, you and your family will have access to receiving organic produce on a regular basis, free of charge. Our goal is to increase the general accessibility to healthy food to all economic classes. These drives are also an excellent way to volunteer in your community!


Providing nutritious food to as many people as possible is our goal. The community greenhouse projects are designed to increase the accessibility of organic produce to entire communities. These innovative systems have been engineered for maximum yield, water conservation and minimum land consumption. These greenhouses are built with community pledges and fundraisers. Organized Organics facilitates the entire process and provides community residents with vocational training of sustainable farming.


We believe that Art, Culture and community events are vastly important factors of a healthy lifestyle. Organized Organics is proud to present community events throughout the nation! Events are typically held at little to no cost for community residents. We believe this also improves unity and provides a platform for local artists to display their abilities. Workshops pertaining to healthy living, are also held free of charge.


For the Love of Hip-Hop

April Raffle Winners

Helping The Homeless Clothing Drive

For the Love of Hip-Hop

Breaking Atoms

For the Love of Hip-Hop
Alpine Community Empowerment and Nutrition Program

Behold CM, founder of the Alpine Youth Center and Organized Organics have joined together to create an innovative and comprehensive organics program for the community of Alpine, CA. This program plans to produce organic fruits and vegetables on a regular basis for the residents of Alpine and other parts of East County, free of charge.

Using a unique method of farming called Aquaponics, the Alpine Community Empowerment and Nutrition Program will provide the freshest, most nutritious produce for the entire community while utilizing 90% less water than standard farming. This state of the art farming system meets and exceeds the USDA Organic stamp of approval and will be able to feed the community at a larger production rate than any other method currently known.

    The Program Will Provide:
  • - Organic produce to all residents.
  • - Paid youth internship programs.
  • - Educational services with emphasis on nutrition.
  • - Water conservation and sustainable farming benefits.
  • - Community independence.

We need to raise $100,000 for this program to be completed. All funds raised will go directly to the construction of this project and your donation is tax-deductible. We are reaching out to all residents and businesses of Alpine to pledge their support. The goal is to raise these funds by summer of 2016 to begin construction.

Help make this program a reality.
By making a pledge, you Invest in your community and invest in its future!

Alvin Amar (Founder and CEO) is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor that has worked with people recovering from addiction for that last 7 years. His passion is helping others break free from dependencies which prevent the fulfillment of a healthy life. He is a firm believer that healthy eating contributes to a lifestyle of healthy choices with less negative consequences.

For the past couple of years, he donated time and services to the community by organizing and facilitating educational workshops, food and clothing drives to the homeless of San Diego. Along with his long-time friend, Phillip Rees, Alvin wanted to start a non-profit organization and put together a plan that best meets the needs of their mission. They realized that the best way to help others is to provide them with the tools and resources to help themselves.

Phil Rees (CFO & Co-Founder) Phillip is motivated by helping others create a higher quality of life and teaching them view adversity as a strength. He is a motivational speaker for both new and established business owners. He teaches the fundamentals of financial planning, productivity and establishing relationships with clients and business partners. He has always been interested in science, economics and natural resources.

George Martinez (Board Member) is a Substance Abuse Specialist currently working in the fight against criminalization of addiction. He works to give people who are incarcerated an opportunity to have treatment and long term recovery. After serving 15 years in the US Navy as an Operations Specialist, George went on to become a House Manager for the San Diego Freedom Ranch.

He eventually decided to open the Serenity Falls Recovery, sober living home and provided sobriety advisory services for the San Diego Primary Public Defender's Office. On January 16, 2015, George underwent a transplant surgery after having a failed kidney. He attributes his survival to a special donor and now volunteers for the Donate Life Foundation and UCSD Hospital. George is also a full time member and speaker for Alcoholics Anonymous.

IZ Balleto (Board Member) is based out of Wilmington Delaware where he facilitates many community programs throughout the East Coast. He is prolific speaker and community activist with over 20 years experience. His leadership skills are unparallelled and he is a relentless problem solver. His focus on solutions has implemented many youth deterrent programs which have given many people a new path in life. Iz is the branch leader of Organized Organics in Delaware where he and his team utilize their resources to help many in need.

Anthony Guzman (Board Member) was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California. Anthony found interest early on for his style of art as he walked by tagged walls on his way to school every morning. He always enjoyed the Hip-Hop music scene associated with the street art culture, but once he stepped into the world of graffiti art, it become more than just vandalized walls – it opened Anthony up to the culture and history of ‘street’ art.

He began to develop a passion for graffiti art exploring the history and lifestyle of Hip-Hop. After writing in the streets of San Diego for 3 years he had his first daughter. Anthony made the choice to take a break from his street art and focus on his family. In 2007 he created a canvassed piece with his daughter name on it that sparked a chain of canvassed pieces for friends as well. In 2010 Anthony dove back into his graffiti art, breaking into abstract art using spray paint and acrylics. Anthony is currently working towards a clothing line and has hopes to open a yard where Artists can freely create.

Mellissa Hammett (Secretary) was born and raised in Southern California where she still resides with her family. She attained an Associates in Graphic Design and later wenton to a Bachelors in Human Services.

Mellissa worked for a number of years with a non-profit organization focusing on assisting adults with developmental disabilities and dual disorders in independent living. Mellissa currently works with Sharp healthcare in the behavioral health division. She believes in creating meaningful and lasting connections with her patients and the community.

Tara Nichole (Community Outreach Coordinator) Tara Nichole is a social activist artist and singer-songwriter. While a communications advocate, she hosts events and workshops with the goal to enhance the dialogue on important social issues, presenting solutions, not just reports. Also, Tara contributes to personal development causes through youth writing workshops, art and music programs, and community building events.

She is the project manager and media coordinator for The Less Homeless Project. TLHP is a multi faceted social effort, responsible for project initiation and non-profit connectivity for improved community outreach. In so many words, TLHP acts as a regular flash mob of good deeds, leading to a more sustainable economy and improved quality of life for our fallen neighbors. Compassion and sensible action are her causes.

Jordan Wyatt (Central Region Manager) is a singer/song writer/studio musician and a master gardener raised in the piney woods of East Texas, he currently resides with his wife and young daughter at the base of Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs. From a young age he was one with nature and constantly striving to find solutions to today's economical, environmental, and social problems.

Jordan is the Project Manager and Event Coordinator for the South Central Region, any inquiries from this area should be addressed to him. With his upbeat spirit, he is the go to guy when you want to combine people, food, music, and a sense of community all for a great cause.

San Diego Hydroponics & Organics ( Became an official sponsor to our organization in November 2014. They donated a generous, $2,000.00, in-store credit to Organized Organics for supplies needed in our food-growing program. They found us additional sponsorships through their partnerships and suppliers. They have also contributed very valuable consultation services to benefit our farming's progression. They have been a tremendous support and active participants in our clothing drives. We are very appreciative and honored to be sponsored by such a great company and team of people! If you are looking to become more independent with your farming needs, please check out and support San Diego Hydroponics & Organics, as they support the community!

SD Drums & Totes ( Became a sponsor to our organization in December 2014. They donated a generous, $1,000.00, in totes needed for our food-growing project. They courteously delivered these new containers to us in a very short time frame and continue to offer their support. Thank you very much, SD Drums & Totes!

GrowStone ( Donated a very generous, $1,000.00, in grow media to our greenhouse in December 2014. This media supply was very beneficial to us getting our greenhouse prepared for planting the fruits and vegetables we grow for food drives. Thank you very much, GrowStone!

Hidalgo Flowers ( Became an official sponsor to our organization in early 2014. They are a local, independent flower company providing fresh, locally grown flowers in Southern California's Farmer's Markets. They have allowed our organization to utilize a large space of their land for our food growing programs. They have donated a large water supply, utilities and a rent-free greenhouse for us to use! We are very grateful to Hidalgo Flowers for their involvement and continuous contributions!

Sean Galunas of Simplex Designs ( Became an official sponsor to our organization in early 2014. He has donated over $2,000.00 in website and graphic design to our organization this year alone! We are very grateful to have such an innovative and talented sponsor for organization! Thank you, Simplex Designs!

Behold ( is a nonprofit organization, specializing in youth development. They host numerous events throughout the year which contribute to community services. Their main project is a youth center located in Alpine, CA. Behold assists with our food and clothing drives.

Guerrilla Republik is a Hip Hop and cultural arts organization that has been very influential within inner cites throughout the world. They contribute time, services, volunteers and workshops in collaboration with Organized Organics. Their mission is to stimulate minds and expand the dynamics of thinking in our inner cities and motivate individuals to take a proactive approach to life through re-education, self-reliance, and preparedness.